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Hi Tech Refinishing's Process

Our process is unique because of the quality of materials, the care, and the attention to detail we use on each job. Our main services are refinishing Tubs, Tile, Kitchen Counters, Bathroom Vanity Tops, and Cabinets.

TUBS: We use a very high density resin porcelain product, made to stand up to the weight and density of water. Many of our competitors acutally use an auto paint to refinish tubs. We pay premium prices for the specialized material which we use, but it is the best we have found and warranted for two years from service date. The primary colors for porcelain are white and almond, but should you have special needs, we can usually custom match colors.

Each job takes about two hours on Day One and includes industrially cleaning the tub, repairing damages and eliminating rust, masking the tub to eliminate any overspray, taking off all metal at the overflow and finally, applying the material. On Day Two, we remove the masking, make sure the chemicals set up correctly, reinstall any metal taken off the tub, and do any caulking required. A refinished tub can be used 24 hours after application; when we are done, the refinished tub looks like and functions like NEW.

Counter/Vanities/Cabinets: We also use specialized materials for Mica refinishing which, after a curing period of 7 days, gets as hard as the original Mica. The procedure, once again takes two days. On Day One, we repair (not just cover up) all cuts and burns, then we mask the area and spray the material. On Day Two, we check out the materials for proper setting, tear down the masking, and caulk to insure the proper sealing against moisture. The counter/vanity or cabinets look like and function like New. If the insides of the cabinet doors are to be refinished, a third day for the process will be required.

We have also refinished bathroom enclosures, tile walls, clubhouse furniture, etc. Whatever our customer needs, we try to accommodate.


Tub Prior to Prep

Tub after Prep

Tub after Hi Tech Refinishing applied finish.